Saturday, February 24, 2018
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Kai Scissors

Kai scissors are the ultimate sewing scissor.  This Japanese brand is made of fine stainless steel with vanadium.  The are extremely sharp and hold an edge very well.  They can cut the finest of silks to the heaviest of denims without a problem.  The handles are ergonomic to prevent fatique and strain.  These have been my go to scissors for five years now.  The Academy of fine Sewing & Design offers several styles for different jobs.  Order on line by clicking on the Events & Workshops tab above and selecting Registration/Order Form. 


I use the Model 7250 Professional series 10" Tailoring Shears all the time.  Excellent for big or small jobs.  They are so smooth every fabric is like cutting through butter!  Priced at $125.


Pictured above from left to right.

Model 7205 Professional series 8" Tailoring Shear, excellent for trimming, smaller hands and smaller jobs.  Priced at $85.

Pinking shears that actually work!  Priced at $50.

Model 7250 Professional series 10" Tailoring Shear as shown above in the close up photo.  Priced at $125

Model N5150 MPW Rag Quilt 6 1/2".  These sturdy, smaller scissors are great for clipping into heavier seam allowances or clipping rag quilts.  Finger holes are slightly larger for bigger hands.  Priced at $25.

Model N5135 Embroidery scissor 5 1/2".  These are my go to clipping and trimming scissor, an absolute must have!  Priced at $20.

Model N5135C Curved Embroidery scissor 5 1/2"  These are the same as the above scissor, only with a curved blade.  Excellent for trimming or close cutting, trapunto work, rug hooking, machine applique, machine embroidery and cutting away stabilizer.  Priced at $20.

Model N5100 Bent Needle Craft scissors 4".  These are the cutest, sharpest little scissors!  Excellent for opening buttonholes and removing satin stitches from embroidery.  Priced at $20.

Model N5100C Curved Needle Craft scissors 4".  These are absolutely the best scissors for trimming threads during machine embroidery.  They trim close and are easy to work over a hoop.  Priced at $20.

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